I'm a technology leader with deep expertise in machine learning and software engineering. I enjoy developing high-performing teams, scaling teams and companies, and shipping products.

Most recently, I was the VP of Machine Learning at PathAI where my organization was responsible for developing state-of-the-art machine learning models that interpret gigapixel-scale pathology images to identify tissue types, discover novel biomarkers, and produce clinical and diagnostic results.

Prior to PathAI, I was the VP of Artificial Intelligence at Butterfly Network where I helped the company grow and scale to 300+, was involved in multiple fundraising rounds, and got to see the company go public. My team led the development of a suite of real-time machine learning products for Butterfly’s iQ Ultrasound that assists medical professionals by helping them both acquire and interpret diagnostic images.

I also previously worked at Google Research where I co-developed TensorFlow-Slim which evolved into the Google TensorFlow 1.0 API.

I completed my PhD in 2015 and was advised by Rob Fergus and David Sontag.

Email: [my last name]@cs.nyu.edu